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Allerton Road Practice

Wonderful surgery.

I have been using this surgery over last few years and am so happy that I have this as my local clinic. Having been informed recently of this NHS Choices review facility I felt compelled to relay my thanks and appreciation for my Doctor is particular but also other doctors I have seen and also the nurse and reception team. There is a ethos it seems to me at this surgery of respect for the patient but also compassion, friendliness so that when I have had occasion to attend for issues that maybe needed a little more time with the Doctor I have never been made to feel rushed and also felt genuinely cared about and for which was truly appreciated. As mentioned above this has been true of appointments with my Doctor but also with others doctors I have seen at the surgery and also the nurse who is lovely. Reception I find are always efficient and curteous and helpful going the extra mile to try and offer choices for appointments to suit around my work times. A really good team and well run surgery.

Visited in May 2017. Posted on 14 May 2017

All Saints

Best doctors ever

Our GP is the best doctor it’s sad the surgery is closing down, I feel really bad and upset that we aren’t going to find another doctor like him, me and my family always prefers to see him and we don’t mind waiting to see a doctor like him, keep up the good work Dr you are doing a great job. He always has a smile on his face and he really takes care of his patients and his doing a great job as a Dr should

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 06 January 2018

Brunswick Medical Centre

Very good service for patients

I’m very pleased with this surgery. Yes it is difficult to get an appointment sometimes but I know if I need to be seen I can call the same day and get seen. Or speak to a doctor. I’ve seen some very good doctors here who at least listen and care .the reception staff are friendly and helpful. I have a long term illness which is being managed well with the doctor and nurse. Whenever I’ve had any problem they have sorted it.and listened to me. I find the doctors and manager very approachable. . Opening hours are good for me as I work. I hope they continue with the good work they do especially in these difficult times in the NHS.
One doctor who has been there for a few years is so kind and always welcoming and I’m very happy he is still there.

Visited in July 2017. Posted on 17 July 2017

Docklands Medical Centre

Very pleased

I’ve been with the practice for about 4 years. I have had a few worrying health issues the past 2 years. I was always taken seriously and the doctors made sure I was referred to tests and specialists. I have always got appointments fast enough to keep me satisfied. Sadly I’ve now moved out of the area and have had to change my practice but I would definitely rejoin this practice if back in E14.

Visited in January 2017. Posted on 18 April 2017

Hurley Clinic

So impressed!

For the first time I decided to use the facility of contacting the surgery via the website for a consultation. I filled in the details of my issue on the Monday p.m. As stated on the site a doctor contacted me by phone on the evening of the following day. After listening to my problem, arranged for me to pick up an x ray referral note the morning of the day after (Wednesday) which I did by 8.40. I then walked to St Thomas’s Hospital, found the x ray department and handed in my referral note.
I had the x ray and actually was leaving the hospital by 9.40 with everything completed.
So impressed by the Hurley Clinic on line service and the x ray department at St Thomas’s.
NHS working at its finest.

Visited in September 2017. Posted on 06 September 2017

Hurley Group at Lister

Great Surgery!

Thank you to the great reception team, always helping me. I can be a hassle but the receptionist are always very polite and patient. thank use all very much.

Visited in May 2017. Posted on 10 May 2017

Island Medical Centre

Very good Team work!

I like to say the Island medical center is very good and helpful, the team staff and manager are all professional! One day my son had high temperature and I called very late to see doctor, they tried their best to book my son to see the doctor, from the phone I can feel they were take care of my son very much, I am so appreciated. And very time I visit the Island medical center, all the staff are very friendly and helpful! They did a very good job, well done!

Visited in August 2017. Posted on 12 September 2017

Kings Park Surgery

Fantastic GP

Fantastic receptionist very warm welcome and friendly, just what you need in a clinic
I was here 2 weeks back and one of the receptionist was dreadful face like thunder

Apt today with the GP was exactly how it should be they were welcoming and introduce themselves, very informative was there to help and listen to me ! Great GP

Visited in November 2017. Posted on 08 November 2017

Liberty Bridge Road Practice

The best GP I ever had

Since I have done online registration. It is super easy to book appointment. Otherwise I was on the phone waiting for hours. I found the best GP there. We through. With extremely good knowledge. I’m very pleased.

Visited in July 2017. Posted on 06 July 2017

New Cross Health Centre

The lead nurse was outstanding

I had a doctor and nurse appointment today. While I got frustrated with the doctor, the nurse appointment made up for my time. The lead nurse showed interest and was extremely attentive, explaining and discussing with me factors that could be associated with my health problems. They also suggested and performed further tests to help me identify the problem. I am writing this review in appreciation for their effort to make me fell taken care of and for showing empathy.

Visited in November 2017. Posted on 10 November 2017

New Cross Walk-In Centre

Great doctor thank you

One particular doctor was lovely. Really friendly and reassuring. Thank you.

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 03 December 2017

Riverside Medical Centre

Rehearsed over and over about what to say to the Dr.

I didn’t even want to be called in as I was sitting in the waiting area! I’m nervous. Embarrassed. Broken. Weak. Loser. The last thing I needed now was to be judged and lectured…
But how wrong was I?!? I was made to feel totally at ease, unjudged and totally comfortable within seconds after blurting out my problem that I needed help with.
Pure dignity and respect!
Oh yeah… and there was a cure for my problems as well. I know I will get better. (maybe most importantly…)

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 15 December 2017

Sternhall Lane Practice

Fantastic service in this busy practice

Despite the practice being a very busy inner city one, the staff, both administrative and medical are brilliant:
– always friendly
– very helpful- going beyond the usual to help
– cheerful
– thorough

I am very happy to have registered my family here!

Visited in November 2017. Posted on 02 November 2017

Urgent Care Centres

Erith Urgent Care Centre

Christmas Day

Arrived Christmas morning with 91 year old mum with chest pain. Staff were wonderful with her.
Chest infection diagnosed and antibiotics prescribed.
Thank you for saving our Christmas.

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 26 December 2017

Harold Wood Minor Injuries Unit

Treatment During Recent Visit

A note to thank all those involved in helping me recently, when I presented with – what turned out to be – a fractured Distal Fibula.

Receptionist was very helpful and efficient, as was Radiographer and also a female nurse.

Special praise should go to a staff member who looked after me in excellent manner. Not even my ‘diva-esque’ collapse at one stage knocked him out of his stride!

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 26 December 2017


A breath of fresh air

I visited the urgent care department on a Sunday morning last year.
The department is quite new and I hadn’t been there before but was very impressed with the facilities and the site up.
The reception staff were polite and did what they were there to do.
After around 10 minutes I was called through and saw a nurse who was particularly friendly and helpful, I was sent for an X-ray and was told to come back and wait afterwards when I would be called in again.
I went for the X-ray which is in an older part of the hospital, there was no queue and I was seen within 5 minutes, again the lady there got on with the job in hand and was polite.
I went back down to the waiting area for approx 20 minutes and was called through again by the nurse who dealt with my injury. She was again very helpful and I commented that I was generally impressed with the service from arrival through to departure.

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 07 January 2018