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Allerton Road Practice

Wonderful surgery.

I have been using this surgery over last few years and am so happy that I have this as my local clinic. Having been informed recently of this NHS Choices review facility I felt compelled to relay my thanks and appreciation for my Doctor is particular but also other doctors I have seen and also the nurse and reception team. There is a ethos it seems to me at this surgery of respect for the patient but also compassion, friendliness so that when I have had occasion to attend for issues that maybe needed a little more time with the Doctor I have never been made to feel rushed and also felt genuinely cared about and for which was truly appreciated. As mentioned above this has been true of appointments with my Doctor but also with others doctors I have seen at the surgery and also the nurse who is lovely. Reception I find are always efficient and curteous and helpful going the extra mile to try and offer choices for appointments to suit around my work times. A really good team and well run surgery.

Visited in May 2017. Posted on 14 May 2017


Brunswick Medical Centre

Best Surgery so far

I am a regular patient coming to the surgery due to my long tern illness.??I always find this is a dedicated, friendly and professional clinical and admin team. They always welcoming you with smile. ??All the doctors that I have seen understands me as a person, not just a patient!??If I couldn’t get an appointment, reception staff always offer me alternative options. ??Really proud to be the patient at Brunswick Medical Centre. Keep up with the good work!

Visited in February 2018. Posted on 11 February 2018

Docklands Medical Centre

Very pleased

I’ve been with the practice for about 4 years. I have had a few worrying health issues the past 2 years. I was always taken seriously and the doctors made sure I was referred to tests and specialists. I have always got appointments fast enough to keep me satisfied. Sadly I’ve now moved out of the area and have had to change my practice but I would definitely rejoin this practice if back in E14.

Visited in January 2017. Posted on 18 April 2017

Hurley Clinic

Consultation and referral

I received a comprehensive blood test analysis with clear explanations, a thorough examination and a referral for further clinical tests. A very personable approach both during consultation and blood sampling. Communications are much helped by the transparency of the online medical record.

Visited in January 2018. Posted on 25 January 2018

Hurley Group at Lister

Great Surgery!

Thank you to the great reception team, always helping me. I can be a hassle but the receptionist are always very polite and patient. thank use all very much.

Visited in May 2017. Posted on 10 May 2017

Island Medical Centre

Appointment on the same day

This is my first ever NHS GP surgery. I have recently moved to the UK. I was not sure I wanted to join the NHS as you get a lot of people saying horrible things. But when I visited this surgery I was incredible happy with the service I received from the staff. They were extremely helpful. I saw the doctor the next day and he was amazing, really listened to me and helped me with my health related problem. Just wanted to say thank you to all the staff and doctors that made me feel very comfortable.

Visited in March 2018. Posted on 04 April 2018

Kings Park Surgery

Very well structured, well led practice

The Doctors in this practice are very caring and highly knowledgeable. I felt I was listened to and treated in a very caring way. This surgery is very well led, the practice manager is a very caring, compassionate and very helpful with any queries you may have. I really like my GP surgery, they saved my life.

Visited in January 2018. Posted on 18 January 2018

Liberty Bridge Road Practice


Thank you so much for amazing help

I can say this practice is the best GP for me. Since I registered, I have been treated the great care with warm heart. I always receive text alerts for every appointment which I had never experienced before. Whenever I need to see doctor for consultation, I am welcomed and booked without any problem. My health has been improved and checked everything which I concerned. Staffs are very helpful and nice. Building is clean and tidy every time I visited.?My GP is the most amazing person who listens and advices wisely all the time which make me feel comfortable and confident about myself.?Without his help, I would never be peaceful and happy about myself.?I wish all GPs in UK can help every citizen like liberty bridge road practice in future and we all can rely and live healthy and happy rest of our lives.

Visited in March 2018. Posted on 08 March 2018

New Cross Health Centre

The lead nurse was outstanding

I had a doctor and nurse appointment today. While I got frustrated with the doctor, the nurse appointment made up for my time. The lead nurse showed interest and was extremely attentive, explaining and discussing with me factors that could be associated with my health problems. They also suggested and performed further tests to help me identify the problem. I am writing this review in appreciation for their effort to make me fell taken care of and for showing empathy.

Visited in November 2017. Posted on 10 November 2017


Riverside Medical Centre

Rehearsed over and over about what to say to the Dr.

I didn’t even want to be called in as I was sitting in the waiting area! I’m nervous. Embarrassed. Broken. Weak. Loser. The last thing I needed now was to be judged and lectured…
But how wrong was I?!? I was made to feel totally at ease, unjudged and totally comfortable within seconds after blurting out my problem that I needed help with.
Pure dignity and respect!
Oh yeah… and there was a cure for my problems as well. I know I will get better. (maybe most importantly…)

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 15 December 2017

SMA Practice

Great experience always

This surgery has always helped and assisted me in all my medical needs. All the doctors and staff are very polite and friendly. I’ve been coming to this surgery for many years and it’s always supported my needs and always above expectations.

Visited in January 2018. Posted on 07 January 2018

Sternhall Lane Practice


The staff, doctors, nurses are all brilliant:
– always friendly
– very helpful- going beyond the usual to help
– cheerful
– thorough

I would like to thank you all for helping me & my daughter and taking good care of us when we are unwell.

Visited in January 2018. Posted on 19 January 2018

Urgent Care Centres

Erith Urgent Care Centre

Caring and exceptional Service

I have used the Erith Walk-in centre on three occasions in recent years. I have been impressed each time by the service we received. My daughter, with a swollen eye on a Saturday afternoon, when by 4pm we had been referred to the eye unit at Queen Mary’s for a full eye examination. My son, on a Sunday afternoon, checked out and our minds put at rest after a head injury at football. And, most recently, a visit to collect an elderly neighbour who had injured her shoulder in a fall. I arrived to see the receptionist escorting her back from the X-ray bunker, in the rain. My neighbour later told me that, realising she was unaccompanied, the doctor himself had put on his coat to walk over with her before the receptionist stepped in.
Doubtless there are times when things don’t run smoothly, but our family are grateful for, and amazed, at the great service we have received at the centre.
Many thanks to all concerned.

Visited in February 2018. Posted on 04 March 2018

Harold Wood Minor Injuries Unit

Very helpful staff

We arrived with limited time and was told that the service was now full for the walk-in service but upon telling the manager of my husband’s symptoms, she immediately went to talk to the Dr. on duty. The staff listened to us and recognised our concern before seeking the professionals’ opinion who lucky for us could see us. This really helped as my husband could start taking medication for his ailment sooner.

Visited in February 2018. Posted on 16 February 2018



Amazing NHS

I came to the Urgent Care Centre at Queen Mary’s with my 14 month old grandson who had been suffering with a really bad cough/cold and conjunctivitis. He was staying in the area on a short visit and had no local GP.

The whole experience was a credit to the wonderful NHS.

The reception staff were really helpful, especially when signing in on the self registration computers. Instructions from the staff on what would happen next were very clear.
The triage nurse again was very clear about her role and what she would undertake. This was all done with kindness and understanding of my grandsons condition.

Considering the number of people attending the centre the wait to see a doctor was reasonable (60/90 mins?) . Considering the number of children attending that day, you may consider having a small play area for young children.

We finally saw a doctor who was everything you want in a doctor, Attentive;, considerate;, caring, Understanding and fully professional.

Visited in April 2018. Posted on 07 April 2018