eConsult is revolutionising the way patients access their GP. It uses the GP Practice website as the natural place for patients to find reliable and clinically safe health information. From the practice website, patients are able to use a symptom checker, self-help, signpost to pharmacy and 111 or other services relevant to their condition and send an eConsult to their own GP using condition-based questionnaires.

Now available to more than one million patients across the UK, eConsult provides:

  • Better access
  • Better health outcomes
  • Better use of practice resources
  • Commissioner savings

A pilot funded by Tower Hamlets CCG enabled 133,000 patients in 20 GP practices across 10 London boroughs. The service rated highly among patients and clinicians and provided better access and health outcomes for patients, capacity gains for practices and savings for commissioners.

For more information, please visit where you can find:

  • A demo site to complete an e-consultations
  • Evaluation data from the pilot
  • Patient-facing and training videos
  • Testimonials


PHP patient photoThe Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) is a confidential, NHS treatment service for doctors, dentists who are unable to access confidential care through mainstream NHS routes due to the nature of their role and/or health condition.

In 2008 Dr Gerada FRCP FRCGP FRCPsych was awarded the contract to deliver the NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) service. The service operates in central London, led by Dr Gerada, and both she and the PHP team have expertise in treating health professionals with addiction and mental health problems. To date the service has seen  and treated more than 1600 practitioner patients from across the UK.

PHP are aware that doctors and dentists often find it difficult to access mainstream mental health or addictions services due to fears that they will not receive a truly confidential service. As a patient of PHP you have the right to request that your status as a practitioner patient of the service is known only to you and PHP.

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