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GP Services have a particularly powerful role to play in the health of our communities. However, we are acutely aware of the fact we only have the ability to affect certain aspects. Patients’ financial stability, housing, educational and job opportunities, family support networks and other social care arrangements all have important influences in their lives.

We believe that working with Social Enterprises allows us a route into delivering a more holistic and cohesive model of care. Examples include our work with the following organisations:

  • Foodbank -– Hurley Group is an established distributor of Foodbank vouchers. Foodbank is a store where food donated by the community is banked and can be drawn on by people in crisis. It provides free emergency food for three days, which is the period assessed as the minimum time it takes for statutory services to assist.
  • Kairos Community Trust is a south London-based charity providing care for the homeless and addicted through services ranging from detox  to rehab and supported housing. The Hurley Group provides GP services to its CQC-registered community detox hostel in Linden Grove, SE15.
  • Apprenticeships – The Hurley Group is committed to working with apprentices and have partnered with both City Gateway Apprentice Scheme and Spearhead Scheme.  Hurley Group believes it is important to support the opportunity for individuals to gain on the job experience while receiving professional training towards  National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) as well as a number of other key skills qualifications.

Education Links Project

Education Links Project was developed by Dr Clare Gerada and remains based at the Hurley Clinic site in Kennington. The Hurley Group employs six school teachers who deliver the health education programme for primary and secondary schools in Lambeth. This innovative programme involves taking clinicians volunteering their time from the Hurley into schools every week to demystify health-related issues for children. It has been widely acclaimed as an inspirational model for the delivery of health education to schools.

Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice

The Hurley Group and Kings College Hospitals NHS Foundations Trust have developed an integrated and innovative approach to medicines optimisation and improved community medicines management, through the employment of Clinical Pharmacists working in Hurley Group GP practices and Kings College Hospitals. These joint roles support the medicines management aspects of the NHS England Clinical Pharmacists in GP Practice initiative through working within the general practice setting, hospital pharmacy, and the remote online setting. The programme support the NHS 5 Year Forward View to integrate clinical teams to provide specialist advice to patients, and undertake full patient centred medication reviews to proactively manage people with complex polypharmacy, particularly the elderly and those with multiple conditions.