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Hurley Group History

The Hurley Group started as an NHS GP Training Practice known as the Hurley Clinic, which was established in 1969 on a council estate in Lambeth, South London

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Our ambition was to offer the highest standards of care to even the most deprived communities, and our work with challenged patient groups, such as substance misusers, the homeless and asylum seekers made us believe this was possible. We also believed that if we aspired to genuinely “make a difference” then others would want to join us. We started in 2006 by transforming the clinical care provided by a  practice in the heart of Peckham, and in a few short years, we have grown into a team of over 200 doctors, nurses and managers providing care across 12 practices, four walk in centres, as well as other additional services.

Central to our philosophy is the provision of exceptional quality of care. We encourage all clinicians to attain the highest standard within their own profession. They all have generous study leave packages to promote their own development and we encourage an educational ethos believing this benefits both the profession and patients. Each of our practices is supported in the goal of achieving GP Training Practice status, or equivalent, within three years. All clinicians are offered support and funding to develop their own role as educators.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) apply to all our practices and we regularly exceed the demanding targets set for practice-specific KPIs.